Our mission as The Children of Revolution (COR) is to inspire through our art and become the voice of those who struggle to express or fight for their rights. With this view in mind, it is our goal to create thought-provoking work of artistic excellence for both national and international platforms of stage and film. We explore and create from our own personal life experiences through movement, using influences of street culture, contemporary dance, martial arts, and classical dance interspersed with multi-disciplinary art forms of music, theatre, photography, and fine arts. We aim to build a community that inspires and engages people in the world of art. 

'Give yourself to your art, 
  Your art will give everything in return'
                                               - Nikhil Thamke



Presenting to you the short dance film Faux Pas by our very own sister company Mool Dance Theatre.

FAUX PAS" (written and directed by Sonali Pawar) Tells about four individuals suffering the consequences of their own misdeeds from the past, which eventually led them to a cell of danger. The cell where making connections are inhibited, where torture is easily served than food, where a piece of chalk draws emotional poignance. This is a story of four criminals who weren't born but made Who made the wrong choices that seemed only right to them, then! Every part of this film is up for interpretation.

The film will be up on their youtube till the 10th of May 2021

7TH MAY 2021


Our upcoming piece Unforgiven is a collaboration with the amazing musicians Mozart Heroes from Switzerland. Their music is a heartwarming blend of the cello and the guitar that instantly connected to us. This project is very special to us and we can't wait for the world to see this beautiful union of music and the body. The video will be premiering on 7th May 2021 on the YouTube channel of Mozart Heroes.

 "The Unforgiven" by Metallica will be released on 7 May, between 6 and 7 pm (CEST).