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Our Associate Artistic Director Melitta Dsouza has a vivid movement background with an experience of over 15 years as a performing artist, choreographer, and teacher. As a professional athlete in her childhood, her movement journey began in her early days. She is a contemporary dancer and movement artist who is also well versed with other movement styles like Hip hop Dance, Street Jazz, Ballet, Kalaripayattu, Bharatnatyam, and Kathak Basics, Contact Improvisation, Gymnastics, Rope Mallakhamb, and Physical theatre. She has trained for 2 years in Modern Contemporary from Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts while also simultaneously working in and performing for the same company. Over the years she has trained under various renowned teachers from the globe offering different movement studies like Fenella Kelly in Theatre, Prosenjit Kundu, and Priya Lisa for Hip-hop and House dance, Gregory Hancock, Artistic Director at Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre, USA, Bertwin Ravi Dsouza, and Shampa Gopikrishna, Rahul Goswami for contemporary, CDCI Contemporary Dance Council India, Kathak by Sanjukta Sinha, Koodiyattam by Usha Nangiar, Yoga by Pradeep Sattwamaya, Flying low by David Zambrano, Body action by Francisco Cardova, and contemporary movement by Vittoria Sapetto, Roberto Olivan, and Wim Vandekybus, to name a few.

Melitta is a phenomenal performer with her own unique movement style and expression as a performing artist. Her journey started with the dance company Khambata Creative where she performed for countless events and taught as well. At the same time, she even was an instructor at Raell Padamsee’s Ace Productions Theatre and Dance workshops for kids. She has performed in many stage musicals like ‘Gandhi The Musical’ directed and written by Danesh A.R. Khambata produced by NCPA Mumbai associated with Silly Point Production, ‘ Disney's Aladdin India’ directed by Shruti Sharma, and ‘The Peppa Pig Live Musical’ produced by Book My Show, all three choreographed by Bertwin Dsouza and Shampa Gopikrishna. She has also performed in Art Festivals like Celebrate Bandra 2014 where she performed in a site-specific piece and at Jhamela Art Expo 2019 as a Movement Rep Artist. She even performed in Ad Shoots and Bollywood movie songs and in the music video of Amit Trivedi’s song Shiv Choreographed by Bertwin Dsouza and Shampa Gopikrishna. In 2020, she performed for different online platforms like Arts come Online, Isolation is Home, and even Attila Andrasi’s Come to our Window.

As a Choreographer and Teacher Melitta has carved artists and paved the way for excellence both on-stage and off-stage. Being a Contemporary teacher in Gyan Ashram Institute of Music and Dance for the past 9 years and Don Bosco International School for 3 years she has choreographed many musicals and stage events. She has also choreographed many stage musicals for different schools across India with Mendonza Muzikals. In 2020, she had the privilege to conduct two contemporary dance exploration workshops with The Playground Rambert UK. She also conducted Workshops and performed as part of a jam in the Metamorfosize Caterpillar Festival. Recently, as part of The COR, she worked as the assistant choreographer in The Unforgiven music video project which was an International collaboration with the Swiss musicians Mozart Hereos, directed and choreographed by Nikhil Thamke. 

 Melitta has also created her own original creative work which has received many accolades for its artistry, storytelling, and movement qualities.  In 2020, she directed, scripted, and choreographed her own stage musical ‘The Glorious Time of Art’ for the Gyan Ashram Annual Day. Her Solo contemporary piece Araajakta which was based on the theme of Uncertainty and chaos was showcased in the Sanskar Virtual Festival 2020. During the lockdown, she created a short dance film collaborating with movement artists from different parts of the world, on a poem written and voiced-over by her.  She even conceptualized, curated, and choreographed a contemporary piece ‘The Line in Between' which was performed on zoom as a digital platform. Recently, she choreographed and performed in the experimental short dance film Faux Pas, produced by Mool Dance Theatre Company and directed by Sonali Pawar. Melitta is also one of the core members of Mool Dance Theatre Company, the sister company of The COR founded by our Artistic Director Nikhil Thamke.

Melitta’s impeccable movement journey has led her to research and explore her own movement language devising techniques that could help artists move and break their routines to create their own movement vocabulary. Her research includes exploring the body about movement patterns and bodies seen in and around space. With such an extensive background and her own movement explorations she has molded herself into a fine artist and seeks to impart her knowledge and exchange her creativity with other aspiring artists thus building the artist community in India.

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