nagesh sahu

“Dance is freedom, and movement is life.

I don’t want to be part of the ordinary. I want to do something extraordinary in my life, and not follow the regular system that we are expected to.”





Nagesh Sahu is a young aspiring Street dance artist from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, who is ambitious and determined. He has a dance experience of 5 years as a student, performer, teacher, and choreographer. As an athlete in his childhood, his physicality was always excellent. However, he discovered his love for art when he visited Agra's Taj Mahotsav India in 2009, and witnessed amazing performances of different artists.

In 2016, Nagesh joined the Kings United Dance Academy in Mumbai where he completed his Diploma studying street styles like Hip-Hop, Breaking, Popping, Locking, House Dance, and Krumping, with Locking being his main style of pursuance. He even trained under many other national and international artists like International Artist Tony Gogo who is the original member of The Lockers, Junior Boogaloo who is a member of The Electric Boogaloos, Les Twins, and Rochka Noel from Criminalz Crew and Locksmith one of the pioneers of Locking.

Since then Nagesh has competed in a number of Underground Battles in the Locking Category and has traveled to different cities of India for the same. He has also performed in various stage shows and movie songs as well as choreographed for many events. He is also well versed with Indian folk dances and has choreographed a Chhattisgarhi folk dance piece for an event. He has also conducted Garba and Dandiya workshops, which is a Gujarati folk dance style. Nagesh was the crew manager of one of India’s biggest stage competitions called Power of Desi Street (P.O.D.S). He also performed in the Unforgiven music video which was an International collaboration with the Swiss musicians Mozart Heroes and The COR, directed and choreographed by Nikhil Thamke.

With his own experiences, Nagesh understood the struggles and strife of street artists in India which motivated him to start the Drill on Street Community. Through this community, he organized many training programs for budding artists. In Feb 2021, he organized the Sage Mode Battle in Bhilai which had a huge response and was a great success for the community.


In the future, Nagesh seeks to continue educating the next generation and build the street dance community thus helping artists find their paths and achieve support and success.

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