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Our Artistic Director Nikhil Thamke has dance and theatre experience spanning over 11 years, both as a performer and a teacher. Having been professionally trained in Ballroom Dance (Standard & Latin) for 5 years under The All India Dancesports Federation associated with World Dancesports Federation and in Karate for 4 years, the movement has always been an intricate part of his journey. He has also been trained in Contemporary dance and the street dance styles of Waacking, Hip Hop, and House dance, Waacking being his main form of expression. His movements are mainly inspired by Martial arts, Indian and Western classical dance forms, and Street art forms. He is a member of the street dance crew We The Freaks from Bhilai Chhattisgarh as well as The House of Maysonet from New York. He is also the founder of Mool Dance Theatre Company which is also The COR's sister company.


As a performing artist, he has always been an exceptional mover and emoter. In the early days of his career, he performed as an actor in the theatrical plays of Bhilai Meri Jaan and Ponga Pandit both of which were directed by Vibhash Upadhyay and produced by Sutradhar Theatre. He participated and won many gold and silver medals in different ballroom competitions across the country which were organized by The All India Dancesport Federation. He also performed in many stage musicals like Gandhi The Musical directed and written by Danesh A.R. Khambata produced by NCPA Mumbai associated with Silly Point Production, Disney's Aladdin India directed by Shruti Sharma, and produced by Book My Show and Raunaq and Jassi directed by Firoz abbas khan and produced by Book My Show. He also performed in Art Festivals like Jhamela Arts Festival curated by Abhishek Krishnan and On The Move in Serendipity Arts Festival curated by Mayuri Upadhya. He did outstanding work as a dancer and actor in the music videos Radhe, Pavan Sutt, and Ganpati of Amit Trivedi which were choreographed by Bertwin Ravi Dsouza and Shampa Gopikrishna. He also performed in two film documentaries Mega Icon Season 2 Documentary on A.R. Rehman and Teacher's The Genuine Stories choreographed by Bertwin Ravi Dsouza. Nikhil has also exercised his countless street dancing and waacking skills by getting down in various street battles and winning in Show Your Skills Rep Your Style battle and Karma Bhumi Waacking battle. He was also the Runner up at Don’t Panic At The Disco Waacking battle and Chance Vol 6 Waacking battle.


As a choreographer, Nikhil has created extraordinary work over the years, a few of which are his own original creations. He was a choreographer in the theatrical play Good Mourning by AGP world, written by Kavi Shastri and Directed by Deven Khote. He Choreographed and even performed in the music video Coming Down by AnC The Band. His original works have been appreciated worldwide for their artistic storytelling and movement qualities. These include Painter which he choreographed himself, Human in which he was the Director and Choreographer, and most recently The Unforgiven music video which was an International collaboration with the Swiss musicians Mozart Hereos,

directed and choreographed by Nikhil. 

Nikhil’s artistic and creative explorations draw from many inspirations both living and non-living. Having spent his entire life surrounded by nature he always felt caressed by its simplicity and power and in its diverse movement patterns he perceived a unified dance expression . In this he found a balance that he always was inspired to recreate in his artworks by amalgamating  different art forms. Nikhil is also inspired by non-living materials. He loves studying and analysing their qualities and combining it with his own thoughts and emotions, which enables him to create a unique expression of his own. Besides these, Nikhil has always found his greatest inspiration in society. By observing people and their mundane behavioural patterns he combines his thoughts with their daily life routines and creates movement from it. He finds the art of deciphering movement from simple gestures very refreshing. Meeting new people and learning their stories entices and empowers him to find different perceptions about things and to learn about life in a more profound way.


With such an accomplished background Nikhil aims to take The COR to a pedestal that enriches art and is at reach to everyone. His aim is to develop artists in all such multi-disciplinary art forms in the most elementary and foundational way and build the artist community of India.


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